Comelec continues preps despite PRRD’s announcement to postpone baranggay polls

Despite the President’s proposed postponement, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said it will continue its preparations for the upcoming barangay and SK polls.

The Comelec is leaving the decision on whether or not to postpone the barangay elections up to Congress.

The agency also emphasized that it remains President Duterte’s partner in ensuring an honest, and clean elections.

However, Comelec notes that the barangay elections in October will push through as stated in the law despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement to postpone it.

“If the law mandates the conduct of barangay election and it does , then that’s the guidance Comelec  must  follow.  Therefore , the postponement of the elections is a matter that Comelec must leave entirely to  Congress,” said Comelec Education and Information Department Director IV, James Arthur Jimenez.

Comelec added that pending the passage of a law that allows postponement of barangay polls, it will continue its campaign especially the voters’ registration.

“However, the Comelec must also underscore that the commission is obedient to the laws, which means  that if the election exercise is scheduled in the law, then that is what we are preparing for. For now, there exists a law that says barangay elections will push through in October. So we have to continue the preparations for the upcoming polls,” Jimenez said.

Meanwhile, Senate President Koko Pimentel III is seeking the explanation of the President regarding his preference of postponing the village polls so that the Legislative branch could act accordingly.

“That needs a law,  there should be a legal basis to discuss that with my fellow senators and I hope the Speaker will discuss with his fellow congressmen,” he said. — Aga Caacbay | UNTV News & Rescue

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