Here comes the sun: Singapore to go back to being hot again this month

Well, Singapore’s momentary “winter” wonderland is coming to an end as plenty of sunshine is returning this month.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) aka the weather people last night reported that the cool Northeast Monsoon conditions with lower levels of winds are expected to continue through the first half of this month but with much more sunshine.

“The wet and cool weather conditions experienced in the second half of January 2023 are likely to gradually ease and more sunshine is expected in the first fortnight of February 2023,”  MSS wrote in a statement.

But it’s not going to be all sunshine, MSS warned. Short thundery showers are still expected over some areas from the afternoon this month. The total rainfall is still forecasted to be more than average so don’t keep your raincoats just yet.

Temperatures, too, are going to range from a cool 24 degrees Celsius to up to 34 degrees Celsius daily on most days.

This month started off looking much less bleak than last month with minimal rain across the country. Singaporeans experienced winter-like weather, especially during the second half of last month, with temperatures dropping to as low as 22 degrees Celsius and constant pouring of rain in all areas of the city.

Some local jokers even brought out their winter collection to brave through the cold.

The rain poured down the heaviest on Jan. 25 with the highest daily total rainfall of 120mm recorded at Changi East, making it the highest daily total rainfall for last month.

The forecast drew mixed responses online in Facebook comments from some ecstatic about sunshine as they can get back to doing outdoor activities.

“Rainy cold weather is good, but if it’s lasted too long, it’s also kinda too much,” Lance Ho wrote.

“I love sunny weathers, can enjoy outdoor activities in the sun rather than stuck in the rain,” Yeokyun Leo wrote.

Others prefer to continue bundling up to the rain.

“Please 22 degrees is here to stay..


,” Jo Koh wrote.

“I hope wet n cool weather now till the end of the year…,” JT Akutaaru wrote.

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