COMMENT: 'No space' in the Parliament press room

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Only when they want you to hear their version of the truth - that's when you have all the goodies thrown at you. Otherwise they make it impossible to hear the truth! So typical of the PAP government!
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    No different from how CCP treats foreign media, except that one is shinalanders pretending to be world superpower and the other shinalanders faking angmo-type transparent & open democracy.

    All the same, feudalistic behavior from millennia past.
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    just check out if you not already know, the rank of singapore press freedom or transparency in the world. -- dont always listen to the praises of No1 airport, or seaport, etc etc.
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    Yesterday we saw a kangaroo parliament (Oxleygate) ; today we see a kangaroo court (TCB challenge) ; next when we look at the PAP MPs they look more and more like kangaroos to us.
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    Eric, commoner
    Well, Singapore now trending : "Ownself-check-ownself", "Ownself-defend-ownself" ...... maybe stretching to "Ownself-publise-ownself" .... so NO Space for outsiders! Food for thought :)
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    Enough space lah ! One same spin story for ST, New Paper, Today, Berita Harian and Tamil newspaper all to share. All the mouthpiece of MIW. So big space for what ?
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    Once there was live telecast. After the hot duel between fuming LKY and JBJ they stopped.
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    The 151st ranked media wants to be treated like the top 20 ranked? C'mon, you guys get what you are worth - that's the truth & practiced everywhere else. Talking about press room space when the focus should be on the misuse of parliament sure justify ranking SG media as 151 in the world.
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    Dog's trainer, well train his dogs how to bite.
    White dogs doing their job. LOL.
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