COMMENT: Is Singapore becoming a catch-up nation?

P N Balji
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    Smart Nation? Tell those to SME bosses, they are still relying on cheap foreigners to do manual work and our productivity is still far behind those of Japan. Please spare us the empty promises, not another one of those "swiss standard living" empty words or "graceful aging" drama speeches "promised" by Goh Chok Tong during his premiership. As for Diabetes, stop chasing the elderly with tonnes of bills everytime after they have collected their medications, and please make life easier for those with mobility issues to collect their medications. It is not they didn't want to take their medicine, they either cannot afford or could not collect them! Talk is easy and stop feigning about caring for these helpless people.
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    IMHO, our pappies gahmen..

    1. lack of foresight
    2. don't understand world situation and slow to react.
    3. mistake on suppressing the poor / low income. Higher education was made inaccessible for them hence, as a result, SG gahmen have to rely on "foreign talents"
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    Very clear that current set of leaders are not up to mark, don't deserve that kind of salary.
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    Where is my NS50 voucher? Why so long still haben receive one?
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    True Sporean
    30 years ago, we helped China develop the Suzhou Industrial park. Today, we have lagged behind China in payment technology. How we have declined !!! Still claim to be a smart nation ? How to teach the Indians how to build a smart nation when we ourselves are so backward ? Do you think the ministers deserve their million dollar salary >
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    MOE should employ and deploy childcare teachers like primary school. Then can regulate and have fair distribution of salary and benefits to attract early development teachers. Leaving it to the private sector will exposed this set up to profit mentality ahead of service. With cheaper and better regulated childcare and teachers, couples will not worry so much about uncertainty and cost and more willing to have kids.
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    Truth is Singaporeans are frustrated with these overpaid ministers. They squeeze us, take our hard-earned cash not returning back to us, import foreigners as much as they like, yet ignoring their own people. Do we have to have to work till we're 70, 80 or 90 to please them?!
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    I'm not sure about others but speaking from my own perspective as a Singaporean in my 30s, I'm just not motivated to work anymore. I'm currently in my sabbatical and even though I'm sometimes bored at home, I'm not motivated even to go for an interview, I'm even seriously contemplating suicide after I've depleted all my savings and to donate my old parents to the government after my demise. I feel that I'm making a rational choice in my situation.

    In Singapore, everywhere is competition, competition, competition. Compete for school, compete for job, compete for money & status, compete for love, compete for kids, compete kids against one another, compete to see who can live longer, compete to see how many people turn up at their funeral (in which case LKY is the winner lah, with his 1-week national mourning! Don't fight with LKY okay!).

    Everyone is helplessly stuck perpetually in a prisoner's dilemma in a never-ending competition; with the ephemeral winner suffering from the winner's curse (see game theory for both concepts). I think this is not what life or a nation is all about. Where is the community when there is no event? Where are the people who genuinely care for one another? Do you seriously think by giving people over-priced asset, people will fight war to protect it? What if the enemy bombs their asset first? Does that mean they have no more reason to fight? I don't even know what Singapore means anymore. I actually hope for the decline of Singapore if by losing, we can recover what we've lost over the years - The Singapore I remember from 1991-2004 (Goh Chok Tong's era). Many things are more important in life.
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    It's never too late, but we need leaders who are tech savvy and have foresight and can act decisively and quickly. We have the infrastructure, we need ideas to implement and govt need to set aside funds for the project. Don't depend on the foreign talents, they're only interested in making money for themselves.
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    Can minister's wage package be review in-sync with our economy going south?