COMMENT: Singapore presidency with an asterisk and a government that was blindsided

P N Balji
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    Instead of a unifying figure, u have divided the racial harmony the Chinese has never once say we never cannot have a minority president but I can also accept a minority prime minister but on the context you must prove your capablility and stand the elections to let the Singaporean decide. This election is flawed. If guardian of the reserve is most important than halima yacoob should not qualify as she has no experience even managing a 1million company. The additional clause was clearly to all just to make her win. Totally flawed. I am ashamed to be Singaporean .this government has shamed us . Other countries and people are looking at us. First is the army saga , follow by mrt, follow by the prime minister family saga and now the president saga. Singaporean has totally no face in international stage
  • o
    This is only the beginning . . Next will be GE . . They know the electorate is losing faith in them so they'll rig the system to their advantage to ensure victory . . Don't be surprised if we end up with no opposition in the next GE
  • C
    She was put in a fix by LHL. Guess this guy does not have much of a heart otherwise his siblings wud not hv hit him so hard. He must be ruthless even to his own family
  • G
    Yea and yea for this article.
    This reserved president has divided the country and created divisiveness.
    This is something even the PM cannot repair. This PM has manipulated politics for gain, which I am sure LKY would never have contemplated in his wildest thoughts. Instead of unifying we are broken. What are you going to break next...the Workers Party so we will have no opposition. I dare say do not dream too much.
    This is not my President.
  • A
    Next Move: Lee HongYi will be drafted into a GRC helmed by a power packed minister such as Tharman. He will then enter into Parliament and then become Minister of certain Portfolios. And then suddenly we have another Lee in the Lee Dynasty. Gen 3 of NK made in Singapore. Mark this. It WILL happen!
  • 小Lee飞刀
    Although first woman President, but nothing to be proud cos halimah did not fight or campaign in PE. She was given the post. Malay race a tool now use by the authorities to stop Tan CB. What a shame.
  • w
    The biggest question that has yet to be answered is why would PAP risk this high level of political fallout just to secure their preferred candidate for a insignificant position.

    This question makes me really fearful. It must be so serious to make them risk it. My guess is that its something that could destroy PAP. Could it be that the reserves is not what it is presented to be? Could it be that they needed time to make up the gap and that secret must be kept no matter what. The possibility that TCB becomes president and finds those could jeopardize their position of power and future.

    Could this be it? What do you think?
  • C
    She should not take up the position if she really cares for the people. She took up the post as she cares more for the big fat pay. They dishonourably block others and selected their own people to the seat shows that they are so afraid of someone else opening up their dark secrets. If they are clean, there is nothing to be afraid of. US used to be a land of opportunities for foreigners but not now. Singapore took over US to be a land of opportunities for foreigners. I have a neighbor from China who works in singapore earning S$. She also receives pension funds from their government in China when she reached retirement age. She now applies for PR so as to enjoy more benefits here in singapore. We are robbed of our hard earned money by the gang of robbers when we reached retirement. China's government give money to their people while our government takes our money.
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    Hi ! All along this is a " Reserved Malay Presidential election....."..But on victory speech she said : " Even though this is a reserved election, I am not a reserved President...". Obviously the word " Malay " is missing......!
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    See Toh Hiap Seng
    Match-Fixing is common but not Election-Of-President-Fixing : Uniquely S'pore.!!!