COMMENT: Workers' Party will not bend the knee... for now

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    That is the purpose of voting in opposition.
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    That's exactly what opposition is all about, speaks for the people.....Kudos to Sylvia Lim and WP
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    Kim san
    Hope she stand very very firmly! Cheers........
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    What do you mean 'for now' ? Sylvia need not apologise for asking about 'test balloons'. Everyone does this in market testing and army recce teams. Please lah MIW, can spend more fruitful time and effort for betterment of Spore like examining teh Keppel case or not ?
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    Well done Sylvia Lim. You earned your mark and my respect. You come my constituency, i vote for you.
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    Well done Sylvia Lim, that's e spirit of opposition. You are selected by us not because to apologize to PAP, but to speak up for us. Even if what you said may not have any basis or prove, that doesn't mean you should apologize just because you speak up. We need voice in parliament and not just agreement to what PAP feel like implementing. Life in Singapore is already tough, esp. for middle income earner, the increase in GST will not affect the riches & high pay earner, as they can choose to migrate if want. I hope more Singaporean can stand up for Singapore & to show support to you
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    Plus Ones to Sylvia Lim in Standing Up for the common people. She deserves the Love Of The Common People - Paul Young.
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    See Toh Hiap Seng
    Miss Sylvia Lim is a lawyer by training. She knows her rights and her remedies.
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    There is no robust debate in parliament as what the PAP claims to be.
    Whenever a motion or bill or whatsoever is passed in parliament, it is more of a process of 'informing Singaporeans that a bill shall be passed, that's it". As far as we know, no motion have ever been rejected. There is no debate among the PAP MPs. We need more MPs of Sylvia Lim calibre to ask more questions, probe and do check and balance on behalf of the people
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    Brian Lee
    I see nothing wrong in questioning and G need to be more transparent to its people and members of parliament. There is no reason to increase GST. Not justified, and there will be repercussions in increasing instead from the way I analysed it. Everything costs more, and downward sales? Shops and restaurants close faster as consumers draw back on spending, job reduction due to more jobless, not so good for economy.