Are you committing these beauty skin sins?

The Lux Lady


stock.xchngBad habits can be hard to break, but if you want your skin to remain supple and in good condition, the girls at Luxola suggest you ditch the following bad habits.

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Forgetting sunscreen

Singapore’s harsh sun requires that you slap on sunscreen to your face or invest in a moisturiser with added SPF protection. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s powerful rays can result in long term damage to the skin.



Not only is it bad for your health, but puffing away on a cigarette is also incredibly damaging to your skin.  Smoking depletes our levels of vitamin C which the skin needs to produce collagen to keep it firm and ultimately increases the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

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A fan of your favourite tipple after work? Yup, so are we, but too much alcohol on a regular basis damages the skin by depriving it of nutrients, dehydrates it, and can cause the blood vessels and capillaries in the face to dilate, sometimes permanently.

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Picking zits

While it may be tempting to pop the pimple that could be related to Mount Vesuvius and about to erupt on your face, whatever you do, don’t. Opt instead for a deep penetrating and cleansing facial wash which targets problem areas, unclogs congested pores and will give you a clearer complexion.


Not removing makeup

Oh, you bad girls! Always remove your makeup before your beauty sleep, even if it’s the small hours of the morning and you’ve just got back from painting the town red. The makeup clogs pores meaning sebum can’t do its job properly which increases your chance of breakouts. It also dries out the skin and increases the speed of premature aging as the cells can’t renew and repair efficiently.


Not washing your brushes

Just as you would wash your clothes after you’ve worn them or your face after a long day, so too should you wash your makeup brushes, sponges or anything else you use to apply your makeup, as they accumulate dirt, bacteria and of course the makeup that doesn’t make it to your face. Give them a good clean with gentle soap every couple of weeks.


Daily hot showers

According to some dermatologists, showering every day especially in hot water and with soaps, can strip the skin of its essential oil leaving it dry and flaky. We aren’t suggesting you give up on personal hygiene altogether, but avoid using soaps on your skin twice a day and turn down the water temperature.


Not changing your sheets as often as you should

We can’t imagine why anyone would leave the sheets on their bed for days on end, but apparently some people do. Your sheets and pillows collect dust, skin, dirt and grease from moisturisers and skin which, when you’re bedding down for the night, goes straight back onto your skin. YUK!


Constantly touching your face

We all do it, especially subconsciously while staring into our computer screen assessing the day’s work ahead! However, our hands aren’t particularly clean, no matter how many times your wash them, as they are constantly touching surfaces which may be covered in bacteria. Every time you touch your face, the bacteria are transferred from your hands. Do we need to say more?


Not wearing sunglasses

Not just fashion accessories or nifty tools to cover hung-over or tired eyes, but sunglasses are great at protecting your eyes from the sun. Too many people walk around Singapore squinting because of the glare, unaware that they could be protecting the delicate skin around their eyes and reducing the effect of fine lines.