Companies release cool, tech-forward face mask and face shield

The Staysafe 2 face shield from the Staysafe collection. (PHOTO: Polaroid Eyewear)

With more companies expecting some of the workforce to return since Phase 1 reopening measures were announced, most of us may experience uneasiness or anxiety of stepping out in public.

Many of us are also worried about sending our children to school.

With this issue on mind, some brands are meeting health needs by producing face masks or face shields, by using different materials and experimenting with production techniques.

The Gill Mask

Singaporean company Gill Lab, which is founded by partners Jean-Luc Fringeli, Veronica Chew, Cheong Siah Chong, Lim Eng Seng and Ken S K Chuang have created a face mask that is inspired by snorkelling masks. “The idea was to create a mask that was both comfortable to wear for long periods and with an air-tight seal to ensure optimal protection,” designer and co-founder Cheong added.

Using their expertise in designing medical devices and user experience, the team went on to develop a safe, comfortable and sustainable respirator suitable for both professionals and the public.

Gill mask. (PHOTO: Gill Lab)

The product, named Gill Mask, works as an eco-friendly reusable silicon respirator with a detachable cartridge that allows for easy filter replacement, thus extending the life of a single-use mask by six times.

The Gill Mask can be reused daily, and can last up to two years. To clean the mask, customers are advised to wash it with sterilised boiling water or household disinfectant. The masks come in three sizes: Regular and large for adults, and a junior size for children aged five to 13 years.

“During this global pandemic we saw how the shortage of masks was putting people at risk. We wanted to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution to keep people safe and protected in Singapore and beyond,” co-founder Chew shares.

The Gill mask retails from S$28.50 (RM87) and is available to purchase online.

The Staysafe collection

Sunglasses and frames company Polaroid Eyewear pivoted to the pandemic by launching a collection designed for protection purposes that is made in Italy.

The Staysafe 1 visor from the Staysafe collection. (PHOTO: Polaroid Eyewear)

Staysafe 1 and Staysafe 2 are both PPE certified: Staysafe 1 visor is made from polycarbonate, while the nose pads are made of polyamide, and is suitable for adults and 10+ year old kids; while Staysafe 2 face shield is suited for professional use, as it not only protects the eyes but the whole face.

Both Staysafe 1 and 2 retail from S$50 and is available online (delivery in Singapore only), and at selected retailer stores: W Optics, Jamco Optical, Clarity Eyecare, The Lens Men, My Eyeroom, Eyecare Studio, Eyecare 24/7 Punggol, The Sunglass Shop, Kwong Shin, Pearl’s Optical People’s Park, Kovan & Tampines.