COMPANY's Fashion Dictionary

COMPANY's Fashion Dictionary

Appointments - Way more fun than the doctor or dentist – a stylist’s scheduled time with fashion PRs to check out new collections and to select pieces for a shoot. (See also ‘Go See’.)

B.O.T/Bang On Trend - A person or piece that consists of the season’s hottest trends, in exactly the right order, at exactly the right time.

Brow/B-row - Back row at fashion week - a journo's worst nightmare! (See also F-row.)

Call In - The process by which a stylist requests items to be sent in for a shoot, via The Cubs. (See The Cubs.)

Casj/Kasj - adjective (relaxed, unconcerned, occasional or temporary) Informal,casual attire. Emphasis on ‘j’ like j’adore. 1. In reference to garments, “I’m going smart-casj today.” 2. A way to express someone’s actions in a situation, “playing it casj”.

Collab - Short for collaboration. Eg. J W Anderson for Topshop or Margiella for H&M.

Covet/Kuv-it - verb (covets, coveting, coveted). Longing to possess something belonging to someone else. “We are totes coveting Ashley Olsen’s off-duty look.”

Credits - The vital stats. What, where and how much the items we feature in the mag are? Eg. Top, £30, ASOS.

(The) Cubs - Short for The Fashion Cupboard. “Where did you get that amazing dress?”. “Oh this? I borrowed it from The Cubs, hon.”

Dip Hem or Mullet - In no way connected to Pat Sharp – it’s a scooped hemline on a skirt or top, which is long at the back and short at the front.

Fashspiration/fash-spi-ray-shun - (inspired by fashion) An image, collection of images that you refer to for fashion inspiration.

First - Having 'first option' on a model, studio or hair and make-up artist - ie. they're your Plan A. “We have a first on Sophie from Models 1.”

Frow/F-row - The front row at fashion week. The elite of the fashion world sit here to view and Instagram the latest designer offerings from the catwalk. “See you on the F-row, dahling.” If you’re Anna Wintour.

Full bleed - An image across an entire page as opposed to a crop. (See also Main Fashion.)

Gifting - The opposite of borrowing (see also Samples) – whereby fashion PRs ‘gift’ a piece to fashion directors or bloggers, as a thank you for coverage. Perks!

Go see - Like an appointment, but less formal. Agencies send a model to a fashion or beauty director for a ‘go see’.

Like - Used before sentences as a ‘fashion breather’: “The Meadham Kirchhoff show was, like, OUT OF CONTROL!”.

Look Book - A brand’s bible featuring all their key pieces. A catalogue for stylists.

Main Fashion - The biggest fashion shoot in a magazine visually, containing full-bleed images of styled-up models.

New Faces - The ‘rising star’ section of model agencies, introducing newbies.

Press Day - Like an open day, brands invite fashion directors and stylists to check out their latest collections. Check out our Press Day section online for a backstage glimpse at next season's fashion!

Rack Up - Used by stylists when assembling the pieces they're styling in prep for a shoot. “I’ve racked up ready for the main fashion story.” (See also Story and Main Fashion.)

Returns - The process whereby samples (see below) used on shoots are packaged up to return to PRs. Usually takes place in The Cubs.

Samples - One version of each piece available in store, which is sent to stylists and magazines for shoots, usually in a size 8-10, or shoe size 7. Hence, “she’s sample size”.

Story - Not of the Brothers Grimm variety but in reference to a main fashion shoot. “I’ve just shot my gothic main-fash story.”

Style Up - In reference to the process of putting a look together. Because models don’t dress themselves!

Walking - (to walk for) Nope, not just putting one foot in front of the other. In fash terms, it’s when a model is chosen to showcase a designer collection on the catwalk at fashion week. “She walked for Prada last season.”


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