Compensation from SSPN-i Plus is pleasant surprise for grieving family

Chuah Bee Kim

KLUANG: Twenty-year-old Chai Bao Yi was not aware that her late father had bought coverage under the National Education Savings Scheme SSPN-i Plus.

So it was a pleasant surprise for Chai today to receive a compensation of RM127,680 from National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) deputy chief executive Mastura Mohd Khalid, at the Kluang PTPTN branch office here.

"My father did not tell me about the coverage he bought for us," Chai told a press conference.

Chai Kwan Boon, 46, a mechanic, was diagnosed with nose cancer before buying the scheme, signing up for three packages and paying RM200 monthly for each account under the names of his three children.

Of the RM200, RM180 went to savings, while RM20 was for insurance coverage under the Zamrud package.

Chai died on Jan 8 this year.

Present at the event today was Chai's widow, Soo Boon Siew, 47.

The couple have two other children – Jing Min, 19, and Jun Chuen, 14.

Having seen the benefits of such a scheme, Soo has now become an online agent for SSPN-i Plus.

"My children can now continue with their studies with the amount we received from the scheme," Soo said.

Mastura said there are currently 4,000 online agents, including those working on a part-time basis.

Besides the Zamrud package, there are also the Intan, Delima, Topas, Nilam and Berlian packages.

The packages were launched in 2015.

The Intan package starts at only RM30 per month, with RM20 going to savings and RM10 going to insurance coverage.