Concerns grow over animal welfare after one baby elephant dead, another injured in Sabah

Authorities have released their preliminary findings from a post-mortem performed on a dead baby elephant that was found floating in Sabah’s Kinabatangan river by a tour boat on Tuesday.

Kosmo! write that early indications point to the animal having been killed by gastrointestinal ulcers, resulting in a grave loss of blood.

Sabah Wildlife Department officers cannot confirm if the ulcers were acquired from an infection, or other source, and the animal’s organs have been taken for further toxicological and bacterial analysis.

The two-year old male calf had no physical signs of injury.

Another incident of Sabah’s wildlife peril made headlines this week, after another baby elephant was seriously injured in a jungle snare trap. The Star reports that veterinarians are now trying to repair his injured front leg.

Animal welfare is becoming an increasing concern among conservationists in the state, with accusations flying that plantation owners are behind indiscriminate shootings of the majestic elephant.

Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew spoke to Free Malaysia Today last week and has said that it is “crucial” to solve any issues regarding such deaths, and that she “cannot afford to have animals dying on my watch.”

Earlier this year, police zeroed in on a poacher group, and arrested the gang who targeted the wild animals. They seized rifles, homemade shotguns, as well as animal snares.

However, the state also have incredibly hardworking groups and individuals who work towards ensuring the elephants are safe, and that any rogue strays be relocated to forest reserves. Follow them, support them, thank them for doing such good work.




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