A configurable, super-easily hackable floor lamp (on sale!)

Jennifer Karmon

I've had my eye on the Clutch oak floor lamp at CB2 for quite some time -- in fact, since the lamp was available with yellow shades, not this more versatile matte gray (although at my house, yellow practically counts as a neutral).

I love its simple, plays-well-with-others lines, and because the light sources are magnetic, you can position the shades just about however you like.

But the website and catalog actually undersell the merits of Jannis Ellenberger's design, if you ask me. I've seen this piece in real life, and its true virtue is in the fact that you can do considerably more with it than the pictures show. The electrical wires are attached to the powdercoated steel lampshades, not to the pole, which means you can pull the domes free of the base to set them on a desk or coffee table. If memory serves, you can even stick them to a filing cabinet or other magnetic surface instead. You could also buy a second lamp, set aside its base and stick four lampshades to your original base.

Meanwhile, you could put the base to a new use, such as displaying photos or postcards adhered with Tiny Mighties magnets.

And that's not even taking into account how simple it would be to repaint or stencil the lampshades any way you like. Or stick magnets on them too!

The Clutch floor lamp is marked down 20 percent at CB2 -- now $159.

By the way: My ideas are loosely inspired by the endless ingenuity over at the IKEA Hackers site, which I highly recommend if you've never checked it out.

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