Construction worker jailed 6 months for molesting cleaner at MRT station

Hannah Teoh
Senior Content Producer
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    Maybe the foreigner worker did not pay her. Please also look into this matter again.
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    Lapse LoL
    Our Government should arrange Mobile Entertainment Adult-Theme (MEAT) unit to go around Fourlegn Talents Dormitory during weekends, to entertain these Fourlegn workers.

    Plug Unplug, Plug Unplug, Flug Unflug …
    Pressure Release Valva .
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    China vs bangala ...........So call FT again
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    But the thing is, can we stop the females from washing the males toilet?

    I really feel very awkward leh...
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    There's no penetration, is there?
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    Meat Eater
    This Bangaleshi might think Singapore is like his own country, where males are treated like 'kings'. Now The DPP & Judge have proved him very wrong. He should be given minimum 6 strokes of the cane to make him realsie that Singapore is not like his country so lawless.
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    it used to be rotan for molest even if its not "prolong". what is 'prolong' now means ?? until the victim gets hurt ?? oops ... alien have its privileges. -- eh, dont anyhow toktok lah ... wait kena charged for 'contempt of court', then you know ah ...
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    "if the outrage of modesty had been prolonged, the case might have warranted caning".

    What a logic !!
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    This is the FT our G bring in.
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    With the increase in the population of these South Asians in Singapore, it's not surprising that we are also importing RAPISTS from these countries.