How to Control Your Urge to Have Sex?


A good sex life is a very basic human need.

 It often stands unmet, because of competitive lifestyles, leaving no room for personal gratification. In such cases, controlling your urge can become difficult. The following article will show you how you can do so.

1. Acceptance

The first step to control your sexual urges is to accept that there is no shame in feeling this way. Most societal norms deem these urges as moral depravity and force us to bury these feelings, instead of accepting it as a part of life. We are born to believe that sex is sin and sexual urges are an abomination. These urges are nothing but physical needs which only seek fulfillment, in some way or the other. Instinctually, man cannot abort sexual thoughts. With this acceptance and a strong desire to curb it, you can keep your feelings in control.

2. Triggers

The next step to controlling your sexual feelings is to know what sets them off. Admittedly, man is surrounded by sexual innuendoes and signs so obvious, that they are almost a part of our daily lives. When one is sexually satiated, these signs tend to pass by unnoticed, but in the face of sexual starvation, these signs end up titillating more than pacifying. Identifying these triggers will help keep the mind alert enough to steer clear of them.

3. Will Power

When it is considered that with enough will power, one can move a mountain, controlling sexual urges on the same plane should ideally be anyone’s cup of tea. While it is impossible to obliterate sexual thoughts completely, curbing the intensity to a bare minimum will help you get through the day without distractions. A mental reminder, can serve as ample inspiration to help you power through the day without being tempted.

4. Transmutation

Translating your sexual urges to creative outputs will not only take your mind off them, but will help you make something new. At the end of the day, an urge is nothing but a feeling that enforces a lack of the desired object. Thus it is easy to manipulate with an equally engaging creative thought. Read a book, write poetry, paint or make pots. The end product of your misplaced creativity will provide equal satisfaction.

5. Exercise

Focusing your energy on something that consumes most of it and also helps you feel good, is a certain winner. Wake up early and go for a jog, or make swimming thrice a week a habit. You can also hit the gym every morning before work. Whatever be the means, allow your body to get the much-required exercise to keep your mind more in control.

6. Seek Help

If nothing seems to get your mind off sex, this might be the start of a potential problem. If you are in a relationship, try to talk to your partner about these unmet needs. Maybe with regular intercourse, these urges will successfully be siphoned off. If not, then consult your doctor for psychological counselling to find a way out of these extensive urges. Obsessive thinking can be relieved with medication and therapy.

The methods outlined above might help you find a way to keep your uncontrollable sexual urges in check. 

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