Cooking Show Segment Goes Hilariously Off the Rails

On the BBC One cooking show Saturday Kitchen, hosts David Myers and Simon King, also known as the Hairy Bikers, had just a bit of trouble getting their pudding out of the bowl, and what resulted was a hilarious derailment of the segment.

Things did not go as planned on Saturday Kitchen. (Photo: BBC)

For starters, it should be noted that what they were calling pudding is not the same as what Americans call pudding. What they were working with was some sort of soft-looking crust with berries inside. What was supposed to happen was they turn over the bowl and the pudding comes out and keeps the shape of the bowl.

Despite their best efforts, the pudding wouldn’t come out, so they used a knife to loosen it up. When the pudding finally came out of the bowl, it completely fell apart. But Myers and King were determined to keep going. They put the dressing and garnish on the pudding and served it anyway while everyone in the studio laughed.

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