COP26: The portable power bank charging EVs on the go

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The ZipCharge Go can partially recharge and electric car battery for an instant boost in range.

The British startup ZipCharge is presenting a mobile charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) at COP26, based on the same principle as a smartphone power bank. This portable charging solution can be carried like a suitcase and gives EVs about 30 km of range in a matter of minutes -- whenever and wherever it's needed.

The ZipCharge Go is billed as a flexible charging solution that can be easily stored in a car trunk. It works in a very simple way, charging during off-peak hours to store power that can then be used to recharge an EV at any time. It can be particularly handy when parking in spaces not equipped with charging terminals.

About the size of a suitcase, the standard ZipCharge Go weighs about 20 kg and can be pulled along by a handle. The device works with any hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle equipped with a standard Type 2 charging socket. By connecting it to the car, drivers can gain about 30 kilometers of range in half an hour of charging. Note that it's also possible to schedule future charges during off-peak hours via a dedicated mobile application, to help save money.

The ZipCharge Go should be available in 2022, for sale or rent, in two different versions (4 and 8 kWh) to meet the specific needs of individuals or company fleets.

Watch the ZipCharge Go in action in this video:

David Bénard

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