COP26 registration opens with jabs for attendees in need

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A site dedicated to the programme says it aims to eliminate jab access disparity among participants in the global summit

The COP26 climate summit will offer Covid-19 jabs to participants unable to be vaccinated before the crunch November talks, the United Nations said Tuesday as registration opened.

In May, COP26 president Alok Sharma said host Britain intended to go forward with an in-person format for the biggest climate talks since the 2015 Paris deal, countering speculation it could be held virtually.

The announcement launching sign-ups said the timing four months before the start date would allow attendees to get vaccinated first.

"The UK COP Presidency... is offering vaccines for those registered parties, admitted observers and media representatives who have not yet received a vaccine, are not able to get one in time for the attendance at COP26 and cannot access a vaccine through other means," it said.

A page dedicated to information on jabs for COP26 attendees said the doses are provided by the UK government and are meant for people living in countries where shots are less accessible.

"We are working with the UN to prepare the logistics, aiming to ensure the vaccines can be delivered to all interested participants in their home countries," it said, citing a July 23 registration deadline to allow for timely delivery.

The site noted that the offer does not extend to participants under the age of 18 and that no choice of vaccine will be offered, saying the main goal is to eliminate access disparity among participants in the global summit.

"It is important that different levels of vaccine supplies around the world do not impede attendance at the COP," it said.

COP26 will gather climate negotiators from 196 countries and the European Union, along with businesses, experts and world leaders in Glasgow between November 1-12.

COP26 was originally scheduled for November 2020 but was pushed back due to the pandemic.

A recent informal negotiating session to prepare for COP26 was held entirely virtually, with little progress made on a number of unresolved issues, including how the rules governing the Paris agreement are implemented.

Developing nations have voiced concerns their delegates might miss out on the crucial summit due to vaccine inequality.