Copenhagen shooting suspect held in psych ward

STORY: The man accused of killing three people in a shooting in a Danish shopping mall was ordered on Monday (July 4) to be held in a closed psychiatric ward.

The 22-year-old Danish male, accused of opening fire on Sunday afternoon on shoppers in the Field's mall a few miles south of downtown Copenhagen, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and intent to kill.

He was remanded into custody for 24 days and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation, according to authorities.

Maximilian von Renteln was shopping at Field's mall in Copenhagen when the man opened fire.

"I was going to do some shopping and decided to go to Field's mall. Luckily I had just taken the later bus and just when I was about to reach, I heard some shots and people started running out of the mall. And at that moment I realized that there was a shooting going on, so I turned around and started running as well, and tried to find the first place to hide."

In the video filmed by Renteln, armed policemen boarded a bus and searched a man's bag before leaving.

Authorities said they did not suspect the crime to be an act of terrorism, adding there was no indication the suspect had acted together with others.

The court has barred publication of his name, which is common in criminal cases in Denmark.

The incident rocked Denmark at the end of a week in which it hosted the first three stages of Tour de France cycle race.

The attack took place when many young people had flocked to the mall ahead of a concert due to be held by British Singer Harry Styles on Sunday evening not far from the shopping center.

The concert was canceled.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called the shooting the "worst possible nightmare".

"Yesterday, here in the Field's building behind us, an unusually brutal attack on completely innocent people took place. Children, young, adults, families who were on their way to a concert, shopping, starting their summer holidays, enjoying a Sunday in our fantastic city. And in the space of a few minutes what should have been a nice evening, turned into the worst possible nightmare."

Police said the suspect was known to psychiatrists in Denmark.

He was in possession of a rifle, ammunition and a knife when he was arrested.

Danish gun laws are strict and all weapons, with the exception of some hunting rifles, require a license issued by the police.

Police said the shooter did not have a licence to use them.

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