Cops deny religion behind Jeram scuffle

Jamny Rosli
Police have arrested three of the attackers, aged 16 to 22, around 1am yesterday. — AFP pic

PETALING JAYA, Sept 3 — Police denied yesterday a text message that claimed three men in Jeram, Selangor, were attacked due to an argument over early-morning azan, or the Muslim call to prayer.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat was reported by The Star as saying the incident was actually caused by an argument between two groups.

“At 2am Friday (August 31), a group of men was eating at a stall when they saw another group racing their motorcycles nearby.

“The first group scolded the motorcyclists who then left the area,” he said.

Fadzil said everyone in the first group managed to run away except a disabled man, aged 35.

“He was slashed on his left arm and was rushed to Sungai Buloh Hospital for treatment,” he said.

Police have arrested three of the attackers, aged 16 to 22, around 1am yesterday.

They have been remanded until September 6.

On August 31, the victim, who has limited mobility due to a previous injury, confronted a group of motorcyclists who were revving their motorcycles and they dispersed shortly after he spoke to them.

However, a group of men with their faces covered and armed with machetes later returned to the location and attacked the first group.

The incident has since gone viral on social media with some linking it to the racial tensions as the victim and his alleged attackers were of different ethnicities.

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