Cops probe authenticity of alleged CCTV footage of pastor’s abduction

By Ida Lim
A Selangor police task force is investigating whether the purported CCTV footage of Pastor Raymond Koh's abduction is genuine.— Video screengrab

KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 — The police are probing the authenticity of a video allegedly showing a close-circuit television (CCTV) recording of Pastor Raymond Koh’s abduction.

When asked if the alleged video footage is genuine, SAC Fadzil Ahmat, the head of the Selangor police’s special task force probing Koh’s abduction, told Malay Mail Online that it is “under investigations”.

Fadzil also said it was still unknown who had produced or circulated the video, confirming that the police will be carrying out an investigation to identify those who made or circulated the video.

Earlier today, Koh’s son Jonathan Koh said the family is unfamiliar with the CCTV footage being spread online and directed queries on video footage of the pastor’s abduction to the police.

“No, we are not familiar with the CCTV video footage that is making its rounds in social media or internet. It could be a combination of CCTV footage variously procured. We do not know who produced this,” Koh’s son had said.

In the video clip of 2.52 minutes circulated online, it described CCTV footage as showing the swift abduction where three black SUVs stopped Koh’s car for only 40 seconds before all vehicles were driven away.

The video also highlighted the use of two other cars and two motorcycles in the abduction, claiming that a struggle ensued and that broken glass and the car number plate of Koh’s car were later found at the scene.

“The entire attack took place in well under a minute. Seven vehicles and at least 15 men were involved in what appears to be a well-planned and professionally-executed plan,” the video said.

Fadzil also responded to a query on whether Koh’s family is receiving updates from the task force probing the abduction.

“The investigation officers in contact with the family and giving them update,” Fadzil, who is also the Selangor police’s Criminal Investigation Department chief, told Malay Mail Online.

Koh has been missing since his February 13 abduction by masked men on a public road in Petaling Jaya.

Koh’s wife had previously said her husband, who founded a group called Harapan Komuniti that was started over 10 years ago and works with marginalised communities, had no known enemies.

The family is offering a reward of RM100,000 to anyone with information of his whereabouts.

Posters circulating online have called for Malaysians to gather at candlelight vigils for Koh tonight outside the Selangor police headquarters in Shah Alam, in Johor Bahru and Georgetown, Penang.