Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan predicts Daisy and Bethany clashes

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has predicted future clashes between her character Daisy Midgeley and Bethany Platt.

In upcoming scenes, Daisy will cheat on Daniel Osbourne with Ryan Connor again, and the pair will share a passionate kiss after Ryan bravely reveals his facial scars on social media.

Things will get even more complicated from there, as Lucy Fallon is set to reprise her role as Bethany Platt sometime after Christmas following a four-year break from the soap.

Fans of the soap will remember that Bethany briefly had a relationship with Daniel before leaving the Street, and according to Charlotte, tensions might rise between the trio.

daisy midgeley and ryan connor kiss on coronation street

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When asked by Inside Soap how Daisy will react to the return of Daniel's ex, Charlotte said she expects Daisy and Bethany to butt heads.

"I imagine there will be another love triangle," Charlotte revealed, adding: "Me and Lucy hung out at the Inside Soap Awards, and we're both really looking forward to working together."

Speaking about her hopes for the future storyline, Charlotte said she would like to see Daisy and Bethany fight and later bond over the situation.

"I hope Daisy and Bethany clash, and then something brings them together. If Daisy could have a friend, that would be great," she said.

Bethany Platt and Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street

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Charlotte also explained why she thinks Daisy keeps going back to Ryan.

"She just can't seem to help herself," the soap star said. "She follows her heart and lives to regret it every time. It's all about the trauma bond and how no one else can understand what they've been through."

On the advice she would give Daisy, Charlotte said: "She should have come clean about the kisses she shared with Ryan and explained how confused she is. I think Daniel at that time would've been quite understanding."

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