Coronavirus, April 10: Trending questions in the US on Google Search

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Americans across the country are asking Google when they can expect to see their stimulus money in their bank accounts

Over the past day, the highest-trending question asked in the US regarding coronavirus news on Google Search was "When will stimulus checks be deposited?"

The following are the highest-trending questions asked in Google Search about COVID-19 over the last 24 hours:

When does the stimulus check get deposited?

On Thursday, CBS reported that those who have had their recent tax refunds deposited directly into a bank account -- and are therefore eligible to have their stimulus payment deposited directly into the same bank account -- "will likely see the payments hit their accounts through direct deposit early next week."

When are stimulus checks being sent out?

The media also reported that the first round of checks, a round that is expected to total 60 million payments, will be mailed out "starting the week of April 13."

How is Boris Johnson doing?

Though Boris Johnson was recently admitted into the ICU after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister told BBC Thursday that he "has been moved this evening from intensive care back to the ward, where he will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery."

How many people die a day in the US?

According to, the numbers for daily deaths in the US reported over the past week from Sunday to Thursday are 1,165, 1,258, 1,971, 1,940, and 1,900.

Where is my stimulus check?

Unfortunately, the IRS has not indicated that the stimulus checks will be able to be tracked in any form once they start going out; however, if your previous tax refunds were directly deposited into a bank account, the stimulus money will likely be deposited there by mid-April. Those with alternate situations will receive their check anytime between April and September.