Coronavirus: Clubs shouldn't take advantage of wage cuts, reminds Shukor

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One of Malaysia's active longest-serving footballers have attempted to clarify Malaysian footballers' reluctance towards having their wages reduced during the ongoing absence of competitions.

Kuala Lumpur centre back Shukor Adan, in an interview with the Malaysian Football League (MFL), explained that Malaysian footballers' rejection of paycuts during the global coronavirus outbreak is due to their fear that the decision may be used by Malaysian clubs to avoid paying them altogether.

The Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia last week issued a statement that they will not accept a paycut eventhough clubs are not able to generate revenue at the moment due to the absence of competitions. 

"It is the responsibility of the employers to pay their employees. But the issue is players are worried that the Covid-19 outbreak is being used as an excuse to slash or defer their wages. 

"They are aware that there are teams that have constantly failed to pay wages, while other clubs are still hounded by unpaid wage. The players don't want any parties to take advantage of the situation," said the 40-year old player.

Shukor Adan, Kuala Lumpur, 2019

Shukor Adan. Photo from MFL

The former Malaysia international however has urged that any discussions on the matter be held away from the public eye.

"Talks on the wages and club's finaces must be made internally and away from the press and the social media.

"All the parties involved need to act professionally in this matter. In the corporate world, any forms of paycuts and bonus payments are not discussed in the open," he noted. 

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