Coronavirus contacts for foreign nationals in China

Keegan Elmer

The following is a list of government telephone numbers, email addresses, and websites for foreign nationals living in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei province, and elsewhere in the country seeking information on the coronavirus outbreak.

The information and contact details are provided by the countries and is not exhaustive. The list is in alphabetical order. The South China Morning Post is providing the list to try to help those seeking information from their national governments and will update it.


The Australian government has a 24-hour hotline for emergency consular services for citizens overseas. Citizens can call +61 2 6261 3305, or send an SMS to +61 421 269 080.

The telephone number for the Australian embassy in Beijing is +86 10 5140 4111


The emergency hotline for British nationals in China is +86 10 8529 6600. Citizens in Britain who are concerned about a compatriot in China can call +44 20 7008 1500

The latest information on travel to China can be found at

Citizens can subscribe to email updates on China travel advice at

The British embassy in Beijing can be telephoned at their general number: +86 10 5192 4000


Citizens can email consular services at the Canadian embassy in Beijing at

The general telephone number for the embassy in Beijing is +86 10 5139 4000

For emergencies, Canadian citizens can email or call the emergency line in Canada: +1 613 996 8885

Canadians can also fill out the emergency contact form for citizens abroad via the website:


The consulate has organised a bus service out of Wuhan for nationals wishing to leave with their family:

The French consulate has an information hotline for the coronavirus epidemic: +86 10 8531 2010

The French consulate in Wuhan can be contacted at +86 27 6579 7900

The emergency hotline for those in Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces is +86 139 8621 5040


The website of the German embassy in Beijing has a page with their latest updates on the virus for citizens:

Citizens can call the embassy in case of emergencies at +86 10 8532 9202

German citizens are also encouraged to register with the Federal Foreign Office’s crisis prevention list:!form.action

The embassy also has a newsletter:


The US Department of State has arranged a flight for personnel from the US consulate in Wuhan out of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to San Francisco on Tuesday, January 28. The department says there may be limited capacity for private US citizens on the flight on a reimbursable basis. The notice provides an email contact regarding the flight at

Information on the flight can also be found here:

The US consulate in Wuhan can be contacted by telephone: +86 27 8555 7791 or by email:

The general phone line for the US embassy in Beijing is +86 10 8531 3000

Other countries

Other foreign nationals are advised to contact their embassy in China or their foreign ministry for more information and advice about the coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation website provides travel advice, reports and preventive information on its website:

China’s National Health Commission website has a dedicated page for the virus, including updates and prevention information (in Mandarin):

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