Coronavirus data: How the pandemic continues to evolve

Luke Bradshaw
Sports Writer

A collection of figures and graphs that display the continually evolving coronavirus pandemic in the UK and throughout the world.

The below chart shows how each country’s confirmed cases are broken down – with active cases, deaths and recoveries.

The following chart displays the relationship between the total confirmed cases compared to deaths, and how that correlates to an individual country’s population (the size of the bubble).

That same data is also shown alongside what percentage of the total global deaths, as well as the rise or fall in active cases.

In addition, the below graph charts the total deaths for individual countries since the day of their tenth death.

While the above displays the sharp rise in total deaths in Italy and Spain, the below chart shows the change in each country’s active cases over the last two months.

In terms of the UK, the below is a breakdown of the distribution of confirmed cases by region, with London responsible for over a third of the country’s cases.

In terms of London, here’s how many cases have been confirmed in each borough.