Coronavirus: Google Search reveals which US states are the most interested

Self-isolation and social distancing appear to have slowed the rate at which coronavirus spread from person-to-person over three weeks in the Seattle area, a new statistical study has found

As the coronavirus continues to spread in various regions of the United States, Seattle proves to be the most interested in the disease according to Google Search.

As the COVID-19 outbreak in the US continues, interest in the disease as calculated by Google Search likewise increases. The following are the cities that are most interested -- on a scale from 0 to 100 -- in the coronavirus based on online queries as of time of writing. 

Seattle, Washington: Interest level 100

According to the World-o-Meter, Washington currently has 1,377 reported cases of COVID-19, second only to New York. The state is leading in the number of deaths related to coronavirus at 74. This surge in infections pushed the state's governor Jay Inslee to restrict non-essential medical and dental procedures from occurring so that medical professionals can focus on caring for those with COVID-19.

San Jose, California: Interest level 96

California has the third highest number of reported coronavirus cases in the US clocking in at 1,060. Yesterday, the state ordered that all residents stay home except to perform essential activities like getting groceries or seeking medical help.

Lake Forest Park, Washington: Interest level: 89

Boston, Massachusettsn: Interest level 88

Currently, Massachusetts has only 328 reported cases of COVID-19; nevertheless, the state is the third most interested in the virus.

New York, New York: Interest level 87

In fifth place as the most interested in COVID-19 and in first place as the state with the most cases of coronavirus, New York reported 5,713. After Washington, New York has the highest number of deaths in the US related to the disease at 38.