Coronavirus: People are sharing their quarantine haircut fails

Chelsea Ritschel

With barbershops and hair salons around the world shuttered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, people in quarantine are taking matters into their own hands.

However, it appears hair-cutting techniques aren't as easy to do as they look - as social media has since been flooded with pictures of people sharing their quarantine haircut fails.

From regrettable bangs to poorly cut layers, these are the haircut mishaps that people have been left with.

For one parent, giving their child an at-home haircut meant using a pot placed upside down - a method that usually results in a bowl-cut of sorts.

“Quarantine haircut coming up…” they tweeted.

In another photo, the back of a man’s head can be seen with portions of his hair cut nearly to the scalp.

“Haircut in the time of Covid,” the man tweeted, adding the hashtags #wife #fail and #donttrythisathome.

Others found that their efforts resulted in passable hairstyles in the front, only to find they’d completely messed up the backs of their heads.

“Coronavirus self-haircut fail,” one person tweeted alongside a picture of the back of their head, which can be seen full of hair on top and closely trimmed at the bottom. “I swear this cut looked good from the front though I was too shocked to take a proper before picture.”

According to one woman, her husband had asked her to attempt to cut his hair and she figured she couldn’t be that bad at it.

However, the result, which she hash-tagged #thehorror, shows a lopsided bowl cut.

Among those sharing their hair-cutting fails was Pink, who revealed on Instagram that when she drinks she gets “really, really brilliant” ideas - such as the idea that she can cut her own hair.

The singer’s attempt didn’t go as planned, however, as she turned in the video to show a chunk of hair missing from the side of her head.

“I might try to fix it tonight,” she added.

According to hairdresser and founder of Buller & Rice, Anita Rice, who previously spoke to The Independent, cutting your hair at home is not a decision to take lightly. “I definitely don’t recommend anyone trying to cut their own hair. 99.5 per cent of the time it doesn’t come out how you imagined,” she said.

However, if you can't wait for an expert, there are certain steps you can do take ensure your at-home haircut doesn't turn out to be a total disaster.

You can find tips for cutting your hair at home here.

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