Coronavirus Q&A: Will I be able to go on holiday this summer and which countries can I visit?

Nick Trend
Airline easyJet has introduced new safety and wellbeing measures for customers and crew, which includes enhanced aircraft cleaning and a requirement for passengers and crew to wear face masks when travelling, at Gatwick Airport -  Matt Alexander/PA

Housing Minister Simon Clarke conceded on Tuesday that it is going to be "very, very difficult" for Britons to take summer holidays this year as the Government sets out its plans for travel restrictions and a proposed  14-day quarantine for UK arrivals. 

Spain has already ruled out opening its borders to British tourists in the immediate future with its Tourism Minister warning that the UK's coronavirus infection rate "still had to improve".

Despite this, there are suggestions that the Government could still implement a proposed "air bridges" scheme to allow Britons to visit certain countries before the end of the summer and it has also been clarified that Britons will be able to travel to Greece this summer without having to quarantine. 

But will you be able to go on a summer holiday abroad this summer and where will it be safe to travel to?

Over lunchtime on Wednesday June 2, the Telegraph's Chief Consumer and Culture Editor, Nick Trend, answered your questions on refunds, travel restrictions and the proposed "air bridges" scheme. Below you can find a recap of Wednesday's Q&A and you can find the full Q&A at the bottom of this page. 

Will we be able to travel to Greece in the immediate future?

It seems that Greece will allow UK citizens to visit from the end of this month, but there is as yet no confirmation about the UK government's position on this and any special arrangements or airbridges which might be introduced between the two countries. We should know more in the next few days.

Will travel insurance be valid in the case of air bridges?

An air corridor could only be opened if the FCO changed its advice for that destination. So yes, your travel insurance would be valid in that situation. 

Will we be able to travel between EU countries?

We don’t currently have the answers to detailed questions about border control. We could speculate, but you’d be very unwise to make plans based on such guesswork. France isn’t allowing overseas tourists until July 24 in any case, by which time there is a good chance that UK quarantine arrangements will have been relaxed.

Can I get a refund on my annual travel insurance policy?

It depends on the exact t&cs of the policy. If you had booked a package holiday and it was cancelled then you would need to claim from the operator. If you had booked independent arrangements then some insurance will cover you. I would contact your insurer and ask.

Will other Britons be able to travel to Wales for a holiday this year? 

Hopefully – it seems likely, if all goes well with the easing of the lockdown then summer holidays in all UK countries will be possible.  We should know more after the next government reviews of the lockdowns in all the home nations.

Are travel insurance policies rendered unenforceable by the travel ban? 

Essentially yes. It's not certain whether it has ever been legally tested, but insurance terms and conditions require you to behave with due diligence and reasonable caution, so if you were to travel against FCO advice and made a claim it is highly likely that the insurers would argue that you had behaved recklessly and that your cover was invalid.

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