Corpse’s head bashes windshield in hearse accident

It turns out that being dead can’t save you from becoming a victim of Metro Manila’s unpredictable roads.

Early this morning, a dead man’s body got into one such accident when its head bashed a hearse’s windshield after the vehicle hit a garbage truck in Quezon Ave. in Quezon City.

Driver Philip Iwarat told radio station RMN that he was driving slowly at 1am when the truck suddenly appeared on the road.

The truck’s driver Rodolfo Ignacio, however, defended himself and said that he too was driving slowly while making a U-turn.

Authorities are still investigating the incident.

Whoever’s fault it was, it still led to the coffin opening up and sending the corpse flying towards the windshield. Videos captured by several reporters show security breaking the windshield’s glass to free the dead body’s head.

Radyo Inquirer reported that Iwarat and his companion Anthony de Guzman both sustained injuries from the accident.

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