Corrie fans worry for Daniel after Phelan's threat

Sarah James
Photo credit: ITV

From Digital Spy

Coronation Street fans were left concerned for Daniel Osborne tonight (October 6) as the soap's baddie Pat Phelan uncovered Daniel's recent development in his investigation into last year's flat scam.

After spying on Daniel as he visited a nursing home, Phelan soon discovered that Daniel had made contact with Mrs McArdle. The elderly woman seemingly had no connection to the whole scandal at first... until Phelan realised that she was the mother of Vinny, putting the whole cover-up in danger.

Phelan soon paid Daniel a threatening visit, but the budding journalist refused to back down from digging deeper into the story.

What lengths will Phelan go to to ensure the scandal isn't exposed? Viewers were afraid to find out...