Cosmetics entrepreneur Joy Revfa joins list of celebrities speaking out against online sexual harassment

Sylvia Looi
Cosmetics entrepreneur Joy Revfa wants authorities to clamp down on sexual harassment on social media. — Instagram/joyrevfa

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 — Cosmetics entrepreneur Joy Revfa has called on the authorities to help put a stop to sexual harassment via social media.

Joy, whose real name Siti Arifah Mohd Amin, revealed that she had been a victim, receiving pornographic images through her Instagram from fake accounts.

Speaking to Malay portal mStar, Joy said despite blocking several accounts, there appears to be no end with individuals continuing with the despicable act.

“Nearly everyday I get sexually harassed and receive messages and pornographic photos from individuals who use fake accounts.

“I have blocked several of them but the harassment continues.”

“It is tiring to keep on blocking accounts. For me, sexual harassment on social media is rampant,” she added.

The ex-wife of Nasyid singer Hafiz Hamidun shared a pornographic image she received on her Facebook account yesterday, venting out against such acts.

In the status, Joy said she wanted these cyber criminals to be arrested as they had gone overboard, and that worried about the safety of other women.

“Whoever that knows this man, lock him up, He has gone overboard.”

“Despite blocking them, they still harass us. They cannot be left to do whatever they want as I am worried they will start disturbing other people,” she shared.

Besides Joy, other celebrities who have spoken out about being sexually harassed include Baby Shima, Zizi Kirana, Azar Azmi and Wan Sharmila.