Costco Just Released a New Unique Bakery Item & It's Already Causing Drama

Costco members tend to disagree on a lot of things—membership fees, shopping carts, etc. But when it comes to the bakery, they usually stand together in sweet unity. Well, that was until this month when the Costco bakery dropped its newest item: Sugared Orange Rolls. The treat is available for $8.99 and has been popping up at warehouses across the country. But it's been causing division amongst Costco customers.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by @costcoguide, she described the Sugared Orange Rolls as a croissant pastry with cinnamon orange zest, all covered in sugar. The TikToker added that it tastes like a churro mixed with an orange roll.

Despite that delicious description, the comments are filled with people who have a vendetta against orange-flavored baked goods.

"Doesn’t look great. And why orange and cinnamon combo? It’s not traditional at all," one person wrote.

"Love everything about this but wish they were not orange flavor!!!" another user added.

In a Reddit thread uploaded earlier this week, those who actually had the chance to sample the Sugared Orange Rolls chimed in with their thoughts. While some commenters enjoyed the orange flavor, they took offense to other aspects, including the lack of frosting.

"I thought the orange flavor was good. But they need frosting," said one Redditor.

"Mine were pretty dry with a hint of orange. 4/10," read another comment.

Even the packaging for the Sugared Orange Rolls wasn't safe from criticism. One person who commented on @costcoguide's video pointed out that the box used doesn't keep the rolls fresh.

"They were a fail for me bcz they are stale out the door. You can’t use a box like this unless you bake fresh EVERY MORNING. I just wish they would package properly," they wrote.

And on the contrary, the new bakery item is also receiving a lot of love from shoppers, with some calling the rolls "really good for the morning" and "my favorite thing in the past year."

Have you tried the Sugared Orange Rolls yet?

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