Costco Shoppers Already Discovered A Game-Changing Hack For Their New Food Court Item

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You Need To Try This New Costco Food Court HackTim Boyle - Getty Images
  • A Costco member shared a new food court combination in the Costco subreddit.

  • They suggested putting Costco's double chocolate chunk cookie over the hot fudge sundae.

  • Many commenters wanted to try it for themselves, while others were wary about the nutrition.

The Costco food court is constantly rotating their offerings to make room for new menu items. Some additions, like the infamous mango smoothie, end up being duds. And sometimes customers mourn the loss of some of the warehouse’s most iconic treats.

We’re still processing the discontinued churro (cue a moment of silence). And when Costco replaced the cinnamon sugary treat late last year with a double chocolate chunk cookie, members were skeptical.

However, if you’re still on the fence about the new cookie, this hack from the Costco subreddit just might change your mind.

User @TheSaltiestLife shared an ingenious food court combo: the new chocolate chunk cookie crumbled over Costco’s hot fudge sundae. They wrote, “I’m not saying to do it but like live a little 😏.”

Naturally, the post garnered a lot of responses. One user wrote, “Just did this today and it was amazing. I’ll miss the churro but this combo definitely distracted me from that grief.”

While a few people were excited about the hack, the majority of commenters raised an issue about the dessert being a little too indulgent.

“I bet that's delicious, and also a full day's worth of calories,” one user said.

“Cardiologist don’t want you to know this one simple trick,” another added.

And, while definitely a buzzkill, these comments raise a valid point. The hot fudge sundae at Costco can range between 650-690 calories, and one of the new double chocolate chunk cookies contains a whopping 750. So this creative 1400-calorie concoction constitutes over half of your daily recommended caloric intake. Do with that information what you will.

Would you try this Costco food court trick?

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