This could be the design of the new 12.9-inch iPad Air for 2024

 IPad Air 2022 with keyboard.
IPad Air 2022 with keyboard.

We think that the sixth-generation iPad Air is likely to break cover at some point this year, and another big hint backing that up has arrived with leaked schematics for the bigger 12.9-inch size that's rumored to be in the pipeline.

These schematics come from 91mobiles (via 9to5Mac), purportedly showing CAD renders of the iPad Air 6. The images have been obtained through "industry sources", so there's no guarantee that this will indeed be the final design.

The biggest incoming change is of course that jump in maximum display size, from 10.9 inches on the fifth-generation iPad Air 2022 up to 12.9 inches this time around – though the understanding seems to be that both sizes will be available on the next version.

There also seems to be a little bit of a redesign in terms of the camera on the back. The current iPad Air has a very simple camera bump around a single lens, but these schematics show a bump around both the lens and the flash.

Updates on the way

As on previous models of the Apple iPad Air tablet, we've still got the Touch ID button on the edge of the device, and the usual USB-C port and the buttons for power and volume are also visible on these leaked CAD renderings.

While 91mobiles refers to the tablet being powered by the M2 chip from Apple, other sources have suggested that the very latest M3 chip is going to be used instead. Either way, this will be a powerful device when it eventually does arrive.

With the new 12.9-inch size, there will be even less to distinguish the iPad Air from the more expensive iPad Pro models, which are currently available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. Those tablets are also expected to get a refresh at some point this year.

The year 2023 was notable for Apple because it was the first year since the launch of the original iPad that no new Apple tablets appeared. As we've written before, that's all likely to change in 2024, with updates expected for just about every model.

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