Could display drones snuff out fireworks?

Could swarms of drones replace polluting fireworks?

Location: Norton St Philip, England

British company Celestial flies as many as 300 drones in formation

and says the technology could soon replace fireworks


"My background is a film-maker and I've been working with screens for a long time and when I first looked into drone displays I realised that the night sky is a giant, three dimensional screen of epic proportions and the possibilities, creatively, are completely unlimited. So, we have a digital system here and we bring the stars to life and we have a brand new artistic medium on our hands and it's incredibly exciting and we are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with drone display technology."

The Tokyo Olympics opened with a drone display

India and China have tried to limit the number of fireworks

during the Lunar New Year and Diwali

Sydney may even use drones for its famous New Year display

to reduce the risk of bushfires


"Our goal at Celestial is to supercede fireworks. We love fireworks but they blow things up, they're single use, they make things catch on fire and they scare animals. So what we're trying to do is create something, creatively, more interesting, green because we use renewable energy sources and we dont scare the animals."

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