Could a preventive treatment against migraines soon be in use?

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A preventive treatment against migraines is currently in clinical trials. The results are published in the 'The New England Journal of Medicine.'

A preventive treatment against migraines is currently in the clinical trial phase. Results have been published in "The New England Journal of Medicine."

Migraine sufferers may soon get some relief. American researchers are currently studying the development of a preventive treatment. The idea? To reduce the onset of these debilitating headaches. A daily intake of atogepant, currently in test phase, appears to be effective over a period of 12 weeks according to the results published in "The New England Journal of Medicine."

Phase 3 results are promising. The researchers administered this treatment to 2,270 adults suffering from migraines. For this group of individuals, migraines were experienced between 4 and 14 days per month. The researchers tested three different dosages of atogepant: 10 mg, 30 mg or 60 mg.

The results showed varying decreases in headaches according to the dosage. Specifically researchers saw a decrease of 3.7 days of migraines with 10 mg of atogepant, a decrease of 3.9 days of migraines with 30 mg of atogepant, and a decrease of 4.2 days with 60 mg of atogepant. Note that a decrease of 2.5 days of migraines was seen with the placebo.

As for side effects? The researchers reported cases of constipation for about 7% of the participants and nausea for 4.4% to 6%. Two serious cases are also to be noted, one developed asthma and the second an optic neuritis.

To be further refined, the atogepant treatment must still undergo longer tests. The research teams have not yet communicated a date for a possible appearance on the market. This treatment is funded by the company Allergan.

Louis Tardy

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