Could we soon be paying for Airbnb stays in cryptocurrency?

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Could Airbnb soon start accepting crypto payments?

Thanks to a recent Twitter poll, the Airbnb boss saw that his followers were keen to see cryptocurrency become a payment method on the platform. But while the firm hasn't revealed any concrete plans, it does seem relatively enthusiastic about the idea.

Could Airbnb soon start taking crypto payments? While nothing is official yet, the subject came up during a Twitter exchange between the company CEO Brian Chesky and users of the social network. In a poll, the CEO asked people what they would like to see on the platform in the near future. It turns out that the most popular answer was to be able to make payments with cryptocurrency. So could we soon be paying for our Airbnb stays with digital currency?

Nothing official yet

The company CEO did not confirm the upcoming implementation of this new feature, but he did offer some possible clues to his followers. This potential payment option would, in theory, not be limited to one or two cryptocurrencies, but would cover a wide range of digital tokens. This isn't the first time that Airbnb has hinted at the integration of crypto payment. During its IPO in 2020, Brian Chesky explained that Airbnb's ability to adapt to emerging technologies like blockchain or cryptocurrency could allow it to achieve greater success.

While nothing seems ready, or even in the works yet, Airbnb nevertheless seems relatively enthusiastic about embracing cryptocurrency in the future.

Also this week, Airbnb announced an experimental trial in the US state of Oregon, where prospective guests' initials only would be visible to hosts until reservations are finalized, in a bid to counter discrimination.

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