Parish council removes 'Cannabis' plants spotted in village floral display

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The planter in West Parley Parish Council in Dorset which contained a plant which looked like a cannabis plant. See SWNS story SWPLplant. A dopey council was left red-faced after it celebrated a floral display - only for a gardener to spot CANNABIS growing in a roadside planter. West Parley Parish Council in Dorset hoped to add a splash of seasonal colour to the area with its communal display. But eagle-eyed Tray Veronica spotted weeds of a kind sprouting out of the 6ft long planter. Volunteers looked after the planters every day and the council even included the offending plants in a photo of the display on social media saying it was 'looking lovely'.
The planter in West Parley Parish Council in Dorset which contained a plant that resembled a cannabis plant. (SWNS)

A council has removed several plants from one of its floral displays after a local gardener spotted that they appeared to be cannabis.

West Parley Parish Council in Dorset was left red-faced when a planter in the village appeared to include several of the plants among its bright display.

The suspicious-looking additions were spotted by Tray Veronica, who shared a post on social media about the council's "interesting planting".

The council has since removed the plants. (SWNS)
The council has since removed the plants. (SWNS)

She said: "It was last Sunday I spotted the plants. I was taking my child to a friends house.

"I just found it hilarious. The council were looking after these planters every day.

"All the other plants are still in the planter. It’s just the cannabis that’s been removed.

"The planters do look so beautiful. The Council did a great job with them. And I’m sure this was just someone’s idea of a joke."

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The planters are looked after by volunteers and had featured on the council's social media account with the comment that it was "looking lovely".

It's not the first time a council has been left red-faced thanks to the wrong plants - in 2015 local council bosses in Astana City, the capital of Kazakhstan, had to launch an investigation into how thousands of marijuana plants had been installed along a city flowerbed instead of normal plants.

A spokesperson for West Parley Parish Council said: "On 20th July, the parish council was alerted to a report concerning one of the village’s floral displays, which suggested it may have been tampered with and amongst the flowers was a plant not part of this year’s schedule.

"On the advice of the police, the plant was located, removed and has been secured by the parish council and arrangements are being made to pass it on to Dorset Police for identification and destruction.

"An inspection has taken place of all the parish’s other planters, and this has not raised any further concerns."