New Counterbalance Hinge from Southco Allows Safe Operation of Heavy Panels and Lids

Southco, Inc.

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 22 March 2019 -Southco Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Southco Inc., a leading global provider ofengineered access solutions such as locks, latches, captive fasteners,electronic access solutions and hinges/ positioning technology, has expanded its PositioningTechnology portfolio with the addition of a new Counterbalance Hinge that neutralizes the weight of heavy panelsand lids, providing reliable positioning control for a variety of applications.The CB Counterbalance Hinge provides precise control when opening and closing heavypanels, reducing safety and liability concerns while improving end user ergonomics.

CB Counterbalance Hinge

The CB Counterbalance Hingeneutralizes the downward force of gravity and provides precise control whenopening and closing heavy panels, enabling the panel to be lifted and loweredeffortlessly. Its compact,adjustable design allows the CB Counterbalance Hinge to be mounted insideenclosures with minimal protrusion, and can fine-tuned to the preciserequirements of the application.

The CB Counterbalance Hinge provides highvibration resistance, making it an ideal solution for a variety of mobile andstationary storage applications, such as medical and industrial equipment.Constructed of corrosion resistant materials, the CB Counterbalance Hingeoffers reliable performance in both hot and cold environments.Designed to provide a lifetime of maintenance free, reliable operation, the CBCounterbalance Hinge is useful in reducing warranty and installation costs.

 "Southco's CB Counterbalance Hinge offersreliable position control for heavy panels and lids while providing ergonomicbenefits and safe operation for end users," said GlobalProduct Manager James Stroud. "With itscompact design and reliable performance, the CB Counterbalance Hinge is idealfor controlling a variety of panel weights in applications where power orhydraulic solutions cannot be used."

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