Couple In Florida Flight Fight With Attendants Over Wearing Masks, Video Goes Viral

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Passengers in the JetBlue flight to San Diego from Fort Lauderdale in Florida witnessed a reportedly drunk couple disrupting the peace when they refused to wear face masks.

One of the videos of the incident shared on social media was posted by Alice Rusa. The three-minute video showed the ordeal faced by the flight attendants and the passengers as the couple argued and screamed. The man was seen aggressively arguing with two male flight attendants. He could be heard accusing the staff that they gave him just one warning to wear the mask and after that asked him to deboard the flight. "You made me wait four f—ing hours for this flight, do you understand that? You gave me one warning! One warning, that's it. I pulled it up the second he said something, F—ing bulls–t,” said the man.

Meanwhile, the blonde woman who was the man's wife was also seen carrying her luggage and walking out of the flight as she cursed and mumbled. Seeing the passengers recording her, the woman stopped in front of one of the phone cameras and pulled her mask down and said, "We offered to comply, but that wasn't good enough. Now we're being kicked off. Let it go viral. We're going to sue. Everyone I know is an attorney."

In the background, the man could be heard screaming that he is vaccinated, he also went on to accuse the flight staff for creating a "scene" and "inconveniencing" the passengers.

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