Couple who lost 1 million ringgit in 14-second scam call gets back money

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The wife of a local businessman who had RM1 million ringgit siphoned from her bank account in an alleged online banking scam no doubt felt a massive sense of relief after confirming that she had been able to retrieve the huge sum of money.

“Yes, we are very happy that we managed to get our money back,” she said during an interview with The Borneo Post

“We received a call from the bank’s Kuala Lumpur headquarters informing my husband that our money has been refunded into our bank account. So, we went to the bank’s branch here to check and saw that indeed, our RM1 million is in our account.”

The wife of the businessman identified as Lee responded that there had only been one transaction when asked how many transactions had been made to their account.

Despite having their money returned, she claimed that the bank had given them no explanation.

“There are still a lot of questions that arise, because the bank did not explain to us how the money was able to be refunded from the account who stole the money from us,” she said.

Commissioner John Chew of the Malaysian Human Rights Commission told The Borneo Post earlier today that the police would be releasing information about the case at a press conference.

The Sarawak DAP, which first brought the case to light on Monday, is holding a separate press conference on the subject today, according to sources.

Yesterday, the 39-year-old businessman, identified as Lee, told reporters that he had lost the RM1 million from his bank account 14 seconds after answering a call from an unknown number two days ago.


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