Couple outsmarts dog with clever food trick to get her to take her pill

This couple found the perfect way to trick their dog into taking her medication.

Sometimes parents have to sneak a pill into some dessert for their kiddos, and sometimes dog parents have to orchestrate an entire kitchen subplot for their doggos. The humans behind the TikTok account @thedaisydoodlegirl shared their unique way of getting their golden doodle Daisy to eat her treat-covered-pill.

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“How we get Daisy to take her pill,” the video text read.

The couple was in the kitchen with Daisy. Daisy’s dog daddy pretended to chop something on the cutting board, but he was really just hiding her pill. Then he purposefully dropped the pill on the ground and made a big fuss about it.

“Oh noooo! Oh no, Daisy! You got it!” he said, dramatically.

The dog gobbled up her medication, thinking it was a bit of food she wasn’t supposed to eat. Genius.

“Outsmarted?” the caption stated.

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The video racked up 4.4 million views on TikTok.

“I tried this on mine, it only worked the first time, then he caught on to me,” a user wrote.

“She has to be convinced she’s committing a crime to take her pill? That’s hysterical,” another commented.

“Brilliant! My dog gets away with half a pack of roast beef, half a cup of peanut butter, 6 pieces of cheese, and spits out the medicine,” a TikToker joked.

“One of our dogs would fall for this every time. The other would tip him off before the meat hit the floor,” someone added.

“Gentle parenting at it’s best,” a person said.

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