Couple who raised £300,000 for homeless veteran given 24-hours to hand over the money

Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt Jr (Go Fund Me)

A couple who raised more than £300,000 for a homeless man have been given 24-hours to hand over the cash he’s accused them of pocketing.

Kate McClure, 28, set up a GoFundMe page to help John Bobbitt Jr get back on his feet after the homeless man gave her $20 when she ran out of petrol.

After her campaign went viral, $402,706 (£309,962) was raised by more than 14,000 donors, which Ms McClure initially said would be spent on apartment rent and a reliable vehicle.

But the heart-warming campaign hasn’t had the happy ending many hoped for, with ex-soldier Mr Bobbitt, 34, saying that Ms McClure and her partner, Mark D’Amico, 35, won’t give him his money.

The former firefighter from North Carolina says that all he’s received is $75,000, which includes the camper van and used car the couple bought in McClure’s name. Both have since been sold.

Their lawyer argued in court that Mr Bobbitt had received more than $200,000 from the fund.

Mr Bobbitt’s lawyers say that the couple have been living the high life, splashing out on a BMW, lavish holidays and generally “living a lifestyle they could not afford” using the fund as “their personal piggy bank”.


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Ms McClure, an admin assistant, and her carpenter boyfriend, say that they were worried the homeless man would spend the money on drugs.

Mr Bobbitt has now sued the couple, and a New Jersey judge has ordered that all of the remaining money be moved from the couple’s account within 24-hours so a thorough accounting of what’s been spent can take place by September 10.