Couple who runs coffee shop in Kochi, plans 26th foreign trip

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KR Vijayan (71) and his wife Mohana (69) run a coffee shop in Kochi.
KR Vijayan (71) and his wife Mohana (69) run a coffee shop in Kochi.

Kochi (Kerala) [India], October 1 (ANI): A old couple from Kochi, who are going on world trips after making a living out of running a tea shop, is set to embark on their 26th visit to a foreign country this month after a break of nearly two years due to COVID-19 pandemic.

KR Vijayan (71) and his wife Mohana (69) run a coffee shop in Kochi 'Sree Balaji Coffee House' which they started 27 years ago. As the coffee shop continued to prosper, they realised that they had made enough to fulfill their dreams of travelling to foreign countries.

The couple aspires to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on their trip to Russia beginning October 21. They have travelled to 25 countries so far.

The couple's first-ever trip to a foreign country was to Israel in 2007. Their last trip, which was sponsored by Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra, was to Australia and New Zealand in November-December 2019. So far, they have travelled to the USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Germany, etc.

The couple travels with travel agencies to help them as they have only a basic understanding of English.

Speaking to ANI, Vijayan said, "We read that the tourist destinations were opened after the COVID-19 pandemic. The travel agent called me and informed me that the next trip will be to Russia, I said please add our names first to the names of those going on that tour. The trip will start on October 21 and will end on October 28."

He further said that his grandchildren will also accompany the couple on the trip.

"Russia is a place I wish to go. We have had so much difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the time has come to travel again," said 69-year-old Mohana. (ANI)

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