Couple in southern Thailand pose in knee-deep floodwater for wedding photoshoot during monsoon season

Melanie Chalil
The newlyweds walk in knee-deep floodwater during their wedding photoshoot. — Picture from Facebook/Meen Photographer

PETALING JAYA, Dec 4 — There’s nothing quite like unfavourable weather to ruin a special day like a wedding.

But one couple fully embraced the monsoon season, refusing to let the elements get in the way of their big day.

Even if it meant posing for photographs in knee-deep floodwater in Narathiwat, southern Thailand.

The creative photoshoot that made full use of the newlywed’s surroundings was captured by professional photographer Meen Photographer.

The couple and bridesmaids did not let the elements get in the way of fun. — Picture from Facebook/Meen Photographer

The series of unconventional photographs included shots like the bride and groom walking in floodwater accompanied by bridesmaids and the couple holding hands while walking barefoot in murky water.

There was even an image of the couple posing in a small boat.

“Flooding is an obstacle for the two most important days in our lives,” the photographer wrote on Facebook.

The wedding was held at the bride’s house on the Thai border in Sungai Kolok-Swang, where the akad nikah or solemnisation ceremony was performed on November 30.

The bride and groom posing in a small boat. — Picture from Facebook/Meen Photographer

The photographer said the wedding venue was flooded after it rained heavily all day and night causing the Sungai KolokRiver to rise rapidly.

But the couple decided not to change the date and went ahead with the ceremony.

“Both were ready to wade through water using a boat to receive guests,” he explained.

Meen added that he flipped the crisis on its head and made good use of the opportunity for an unusual photoshoot.

The images have been making their rounds on social media in Malaysia and Thailand for its unusual concept brought on by the monsoon season.

Guests arriving on a boat for the wedding ceremony. — Picture from Facebook/Meen Photographer

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