Courtney Love serious about style

Courtney Love

Courtney Love says everything she wears "has a purpose".

The singer features as a guest editor on's new website Style Map, where stylish contributors post from around the world.

Writing from New York, Courtney explained that she takes style and fashion very seriously.

"I change styles like I change boyfriends, friends, or working environments - I don’t have a consistent one, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to my grave with a slipdress, barrette, and tiara. I’ve been around style my whole life - fitting, taping, nipping, and tucking every seam since my early days, starting in 1982, working as a wardrobe girl at the Paramount and Western Costume houses," she explained. "Everything I wear has a purpose."

Courtney has previously praised Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane for understanding the aesthetic of punk couture. The blonde rocker says her look is something that she has carefully crafted to be in line with this.

"I don’t simply throw clothes on - except to bed, and even then the other night I went to bed in a twenties peignoir with a Saint Laurent ostrich cape over it," she continued. "I don’t 'throw things on' - ever - and it doesn’t always work, because my style goes all over the place. I want to wear everything at once, and sometimes it comes together perfectly."

Courtney might find punk dressing easy but admitted she struggles with heels. The Hole frontwoman has performed as a vocalist, lyricist, and rhythm guitarist in her rock career. She doubts she'll ever be able to master the art of rocking out in high shoes.

"A long-time challenge has been learning to play guitar in heels, and I don’t think it can be done. In the eighties, Ann and Nancy Wilson did it, and Nancy was a great guitarist, but it’s not for me…I can’t make the cut on that," she confessed. "Maybe I can try these boots on at my show tonight, but I will probably end up barefoot, like usual."

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