COVID-19: 88-year-old permanent resident is Singapore's 6th coronavirus-related death

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    Magnum force
    The unofficial news....we have already reached 13...remember the elderly folk's home cluster...most of them are above 85 years....

    They release it one at avoid causing panic
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    doo doo
    Really feel sad ☹️ so many old people unable to fight the virus , hope god can give them the strength to tide this crisis
    Let’s pray for all old folks
  • K
    Taiwan population 24 million. 340 cases.
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    Case 192 an imported case from the hero’s bar cluster is the link in the Dover court intl sch & the cricket club. Hero’s bar case 556 infected case 626 in the Dover court cluster. The hero’s bar cases 670 & 714 were the contact of case 728 from the cricket club cluster. So all 3 clusters are linked. Should have banned the returnees who are not Sg citizens.
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    This old man is a rich elite and member of Singapore Cricket Club. Now can no longer enjoy his millions..
  • r
    Why so many who died are foreigners/ PRs? This means they knew they had the virus and quickly rushed into SG to get medical treatment. This means they knew that if they remained in their country they will surely die.
    This means the other countries had the virus for a long time and kept quiet about it. The virus had already most of the population but they refuse to report it.
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    MostLame ideology!
    P@P's vote bank dying off one by one.
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    The Unwanted
    Knn free ERP start on 6th free simi lan jiao no ppl go out already already plan to bluff Singaporeans.
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    1st one died then follow so many. RIP
  • 特离谱
    Why out of sudden, there are so many death in the past few days? Something is amiss here...

    First confirm case in SG on 23 Jan. From 23 Jan till 19 Mar, nearly 2 months, there wasn't any death reported. The weird part is, from 20 Mar till now, 6 death cases.

    So, first 2 month got no death, then suddenly, within 2 weeks 6 death.

    It makes me wonder if we are running out of ECMOs and ventilators? Or, our medical resources have been used up by foreigners?