COVID-19: Attending schools is compulsory upon reopening on 2 June – Ong Ye Kung

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    It is very obvious that MOE and Ong Ye Kung cannot manage Home based learning despite the fact that Singapore is trying to go digital. While adults are encouraged to work from home, they are making kids to go to school compulsory. Remember the 1st primary school infection, the next few days more cases in Primary schools were picked up and fortunately circuit breaker starts and thankfully spreading in school was under control and our kids were protected. Even though precautionary measures were done in all school, ultimately infection still occurs. Active testing picked up many non symptomatic cases and it is worrying. It is just not right to make schopl compulsory during this season. Rather, parents has a great responsibility to ensure the safety of their own kids not MOE or the Education Minister because what responsibilty can they bear if anything happen to the kid? Say sorry... Or we regretted this incident? Apologies can be so easy..
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    David Chang
    Looking at the 4th G leadership for covid 19, there is no amount of education or training that can equip our young with foresight and common sense. The excessive stress in our system to inculcate respect to authoritative rules have already weaken the critical thinking ability - a quality deem essential to present day survival and creativity.
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    Keeping children away from school may not prevent covid but keeping the children at HOME WILL keep them safe. If parents DO NOT feel safe shouldn't they be given a choice whether to keep their children at home or send them out? I mean it is their children...
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    Ok. Send the children to school.. If an infection occurred in school and a child has to be hospitalised, will the school cover the cost under their insurance?
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    For preschoolers school is not that important👆 Better be safe at home for now.
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    Black Knight
    Parents has all the rights on what is best for their children care, but not you.

    Several questions need to raise,

    1. Do you undertake all responsibility if infected or died?
    2. If happen infected or Died, what is the compensation have set?
    3. Do you realise your decisions conflict with nation's agenda on COVID-19?
    4. What is the measure taken for abnormality children?
    5. What have done for Asthmatic bronchitis / allergy Children?
    6. Children and Adults with Mask allergies by wearing, If died, How?
    7. Are you going to place an ambulance and medical team in each school?
    8. What is the penal code to charge the children and parents for refusing your demand or order?
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    and it is not right to make it compulsory as it is the right of the parents to decide whether or not to let their children go to school and be potentially exposed. Can you OYK be responsible for any outbreak and infection? all you can do is to maybe say sorry?, IF people ask for it. You need to test all teaching and admin staff before school starts... else you have no right to order us parents to send our kids to schools!!!
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    I am Not letting my child go to school in June even if sch reopens. Parents, follow your wisdom, protect your children
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    "Lastly, keeping our children away from school does not guarantee that they will be safe from COVID-19 either. Family members have to go to work, and a large proportion of transmission to children has been from their family members" - you said it yourself. The infected kids will then come to school and pass it on to his/her teachers and friends.
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    Black Knight
    If the Government don't let adults and children gather at public place or visit families and friends or go shopping or any place they like then what make you feel School is safe? also is it not conflict with other orders or measures?