Covid-19 drives surge in global PC sales

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Over 300 million new PCs shipped worldwide in 2020.

PC sales were up by more than 13% worldwide in 2020. Last year, some 302.6 million PCs shipped worldwide, compared to 267.6 million in 2019, according to the latest figures from IDC. This represents the PC market's strongest annual growth since 2010.

The exceptionally high demand for PCs in 2020 is a direct consequence of the covid-19 pandemic. As working and learning became home-based, many professionals and students opted to update their hardware to be able to work or study in the best possible conditions.

Lenovo remains the market leader, shipping some 72.6 million PCs in 2020 (+12% year-on-year), ahead of HP (67.6 M, +7.5%), Dell (50.2 M, +8.1%), Apple (23.1 M, +29.1%) and Acer (20.9 M, +22.9%).

Note that Apple's sales predictions for 2021 look particularly optimistic after the firm successfully launched its first models using its own ARM processors (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the moment).