COVID-19: Singapore confirms 42 new cases, new cluster at Yishun bridal studio

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    Sad to say our government is losing the battle against Covid 19 virus and a large part have to do with our contact tracing which many people thought we were doing a good job. As of 25th March, Singapore has 631 confirmed cases and through contact tracing, we have 38,000 people in Singapore served with the mandatory 14-day stay-home notices. For Taiwan, they have 235 confirmed case and through their contact tracing, they have 43,000 people in Taiwan served with the mandatory 14-day stay-home notices. Upon comparison, immediately we can tell how thorough Taiwan conducts their contact tracing as compare to Singapore.

    Next, as many have mentioned, due to the lack of wearing mask in the public, many are exposed to the risk of catching the virus from infected people. There is a debate that the mask should be reserved for the medical front line workers and the healthy people shouldn't be "wasting" the mask. Let us look at the current situation, many of the local shops have already run out of mask and whatever mask we can get is through online purchase. Did we suggest the government to release the mask reserved for the medical front line workers for the general public? So please tell me how is buying online going to affect the mask reserved for the medical front line workers? In fact on the contrary, if someone who might have bought a big quantity through online purchase, he/she can even consider donating some of the mask to the medical front line workers when their supply run low.

    Secondly, wearing mask reduce the risk of catching the virus. That will mean fewer people will be infected by the virus thus lessening the work load of the medical front line workers and preventing the medical system from a meltdown. So how is that a bad thing?

    SO please don't just listen to comments like "if everybody use mask than the reserve will run out in 1 days and medical front line workers will have no mask to fight the virus" at face value. Please think objectively, don't be brainwashed.
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    On 17 Feb, a sia suay minister claimed we cannot go the route of Hong Kong's Carrie Lam, where everyone were encouraged to wear masks and the SCMP reported that they were down to one month supply.

    On 25th March, SCMP reported that Hong Kong residents queue up to send masks to friends and relatives overseas.

    That is the difference between a successful leader who find solution, and a failure who find excuses, putting the people at risks.
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    "Cases will similarly continue to rise, as some of around 200,000 overseas Singaporeans return home, "

    That's for Imported cases. Dun conflate with total cases. So why are local linked and in particular unlinked cases rising and showing no signs of abating?
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    Chi Can
    Case 741 (announced on 28 March) is a 42 year-old SPR who has no travel history to affected countries. She reported onset of symptoms on 24 Mar, and test results confirmed COVID-19 infection on 27 Mar.
    She is employed as a nurse at SGHospital.
    Prior to hospital admission, she had gone to work. Contact tracing is ongoing.
    Now another medical worker with no known link.
    Be alert, be cautious, be safe.
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    With more than 40% locally transmitted, and many unlinked cases, it is really a cause of concern. Social distancing may help, but putting masks definitely help. Authority please look at this aspect .....
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    One possible reason for unlinked cases is public transport on MRT & Buses. When they halt and accelerate, the air rushes forward and backward respectively. Even if social distancing is practice in the cabin, it serves no purpose, passengers will still get 'brushed' with the covid-19 virus if an infected passenger is among them. The need for EVERYONE to wear mask cannot be ignored if we want to prevent unlinked cases from increasing!
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    The MOH updated the number of cases as at 12nn everyday? Why are we not receiving updates in the afternoon instead we only receive around 8 to 9pm most of the evening.. 😬

    Even msian got the daily updates every afternoon. Hmm..
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    With 200,000 S'poreans abroad & 1,200 arriving home daily, it is actually a relief that there are only 24 imported cases today. However, be prepared for more cases being spread here from returning S'poreans arriving by the planeload over the next few weeks.
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    Joo Mong
    Let us face the truth. The truth hurts. Perhaps the current Taskforce of could be at a loss, and only report as if its the media. Everyday, we have this peak hours public transport, which is packed. We are unable to practice social distancing, and none in the Cabinet seems interested to solve. Do we still need any GRC? Do we still need to vote the current ruing party? Perhaps most of them already warded with infection, unless they went into hiding.
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    I have already mentioned before. 200,000 overseas Singaporeans returning. Say one third tested positive = 66,666 cases + local/unlinked transmission = the final cases easily in the region of 80,000 cases. On par with China. Death rate 1% = 800.